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At age 13, Giovanni began working alongside both his father and his grandfather. When Giovanni was older, Gavino insisted his son complete his certification as a dental technician, but Giovanni was never really interested in continuing a career working inside a dental lab or further book study. Succumbed by the inevitable, Gavino began in earnest, teaching Giovanni his own trade. The Taormina and Mistretta families are not solely stone and tile artisans. They are also carpenters, welders, horticulturists, horsemen, seamen, hunters, plumbers, electricians, and not to mention, excellent cooks! Giovanni’s skill and knowledge in all of these areas runs deep, and his passion is strong. Early on, he learned to put his heart into his efforts as well, and treats his work like creations of art. His is not the modern, free-spirited form of art, but the classical, mathematical kind where symmetry and asymmetry are calculated, and where angles and linear planes are perfected so that the viewer’s eye can gaze freely, effortlessly across space. Giovanni’s eyes want only to see perfection in line, color, and texture, and he strives for this level of satisfaction in every project.
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